How it works

Quick to scan, easy to use

Creating a 3D virtual tour is as easy to organize as it is to use. Scanning your space requires very little equipment, including one camera and an iPad so we won’t need any big doors or special arrangements to get started.


The images are captured by placing our 3D camera in strategic spots throughout the space, capturing 360-degree pictures along the way. Our Matterport software then combines the images together, creating a seamless realistic walkthrough.


Scanning takes as little as one hour and can take place on well-lit evenings or weekends so we don’t disrupt any regular business that may be taking place. Can’t be on-sight? No problem. By providing access to the building, we can perform the scan and be on our way.


With our free 30-minute consultation, we will visit your space, recommend any necessary organization and provide a free estimate. We’ll schedule a time that is convenient for you to perform the scan.


Scanning takes as little as one hour depending on the size of your building. Scans are best taken in full daylight without people in the building.


After we capture the images, we’ll take it back to the office for processing. Within 3 business days, we will provide a link that can be embedded onto your website and shared on social media.

What about the stairs?

Have multiple levels? No problem. Our imagery creates seamless scans of every level, including the stairs in between them. Your customers will get a feeling for what it’s like going up and down the stairs with the click of a button.